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Lectures, Workshops and Retreats

I offer the following lectures, workshops and retreats, which can range in length from an hour long to a half day, full day, or full weekend, and can include interactive and experiential elements, depending on the needs and desires of the group: 


* Sacred Listening

* Introduction to Dream Work

* Introduction to Mindfulness

* How To Start and Run a Dream Group

* Right-Brain Approaches to Dream Work

* How Dream Work Can Enhance Religious and Spiritual Life 



Groups can be ongoing or for a specified time, such as 6 to 8 weeks. If you would like to participate in a group, please give me your name and I will add it to a list. Once a group roster reaches a minimum of 6 people, I will contact you to see if you wish to participate.

I offer the following groups:

* Dream Group

* Sacred Listening Group 

* Spiritual Direction Group 

Please contact me at 404-543-6165 or at for more information.


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