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Dream Liturgy was created, founded, and shepherded into the world by Rev. Darby Christopher, MSW.  Darby is available not only to lead sacred dream listening and sacred gatherings, but she loves to speak in front of large groups! Contact her to present to your congregation, workplace, or community organization. Her areas of interest include dream work, spirituality, soul work, the values of silence and slowing down, and engaging imaginally with stories and dreams found in world religions.

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Darby's Story

"I am a student of dreams, imagination, healing and play, and the way these converge to offer a "just right” invitation to body-based knowledge of life and self. I am a fan of gentle, slow growth, and know that, with intention, each moment of our lives can offer a stepping stone to clearer vision and deeper love.


I have had the pleasure of completing various degree and certificate programs. In 1993 I graduated with an MSW degree from the University of Georgia, and in 2006 I graduated from the Haden Institute’s Dream Leadership Training program. In 2014 I completed level I of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy trauma training, in 2017 I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister through One Spirit Learning Alliance, and in 2023 I completed level II of Dr. Stephen Aizenstat’s Dream Tending course. I am a frequent workshop and dream group leader at dream related conferences, and I have co-created a process called Sacred Dream Listening. In addition, I am author of the self-published book From Anxiety to Connection: A Path to Authentic Relating.


In the year 2001 my mom handed me a book on dreams, and at several forks in the road since I have chosen dream work as my path. When we listen and respond to dreams in communities of two or more people, we open doors to wonder, ritual, authentic connection and hope. What better way for life to get our attention, and have its way with us, than through our dreams? What better way to feel alive and called to something new? I can’t think of anything better! I hope you will join in the adventure of dream work with me!"


We are often told to “just be yourself,” but how do we follow this advice if we are overwhelmed by anxiety? What steps can we take to shift this dynamic? From Anxiety to Connection: A Path to Authentic Relating follows the medieval myth of St. George and the Dragon, taking us on a journey from exile to belonging. Garnishing wisdom gleaned from Jungian psychology and body-based psychotherapy, we learn how to establish connection within ourselves and with others. Our effort is placed in the context of the Hero’s Journey as we allow our wounds to become conduits for communal healing.

Rev. Darby Christopher, MSW

phone: 404-543-6165


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