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Engage with Dream Liturgy

Inside the human heart is a hunger to gather with others in meaningful community that honors the sacred, creates outlets for grief, and facilitates joy. Dreams provide an ideal container for such gatherings, whether one-on-one or in larger groups. Dream Liturgy was created to provide sacred space, with dreams serving as guide, template and facilitator of all that is asking for our attention. Offerings including workshops, retreats, speaking engagements, education and one-on-one sessions.


Sacred Dream Listening

Sacred dream listening is a process of engaging in dream work. Utilizing a variety of dream studies and trainings  to deepen our lives and communities to stretch our relationship with the dream.


Sacred Gathering

A sacred gathering is a community of two or more people who have come together to slow down in order to more fully see, hear and appreciate life’s offerings.


Speaking Engagements

Engage Darby Christopher to speak with your group, community, meeting, event, or congregation. Areas of interest include dream work, spirituality, soul work, the value of silence and slowing down, and engaging imaginally with story, myth, and dream.


Community Workshops & Events

Dream liturgy partners with a number of groups and communities in the areas of spirituality and dream work. Find out more about those and how you can join us at an upcoming event in person or online.

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