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Sacred Gathering

What is a sacred gathering and how can the dream serve as its liturgy?

Liturgy is that which gives order to sacred communal gatherings. Typically thought of in terms of words, it provides a framework for focus and intention. To say that the dream will provide the liturgy for a sacred gathering is to say that the images, action and feeling of the dream will provide the focus for the gathering.


A sacred gathering is a community of two or more people who have come together to slow down in order to more fully see, hear and appreciate life’s offerings. When we slow down together, we find both our own calm center and the strength to face and move through life’s transitions. New life is sparked and nurtured among us; the world is born anew! When the dream serves as the liturgy for such a gathering, it provides a common focus for relationship, reflection, creative work and healing potential. Furthermore, with dream as liturgy, the earth, unconscious and cosmos are given opportunities to speak, to be known, and to move through us. 

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