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Rev. Darby Christopher

sacred listening
dream work


Throughout my adult life I have explored the question, "How does one person help facilitate change and growth for another?" Whether I am sitting with someone individually, speaking to a group or leading a workshop, my passion is to facilitate deep listening and engage in practices that result in greater self acceptance and ease of living.

I have worked as a stay-at-home mom, social worker, psychotherapist and dream worker, in addition to the following:


* MSW degree from the University of Georgia in 1993


* Completed the Haden Institute's Jungian based Dream Group Leadership Training program in December of 2006


*Lead dream groups and give talks at the Haden Institute's Summer Dream and Spirituality Conference and at the Natural Spirituality Regional Gathering in Toccoa, GA 


*Completed 80 hours of Level 1 training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy in 2014.


*Completed my 2 year Interfaith Ministerial Training and Ordination with One Spirit Learning Alliance in NYC in June of 2017, graduated on June 10th at Riverside Church in NYC.

My religious background is Christian. I grew up in a Baptist church and spent much of my adult life as an Episcopalian. I value the wisdom and foundational ethics of all religions, and enjoy learning from them all. While I am currently not an active part of a religious community, I retain a passion for heart-centered and practice-centered Christianity. I welcome working with people from all faith traditions, including atheists and agnostics, who I often feel are one step ahead on the journey toward a life of trust, gratitude and service. 

  Deep listening is active,  dynamic and productive.


CLICK HERE TO WATCH A 5 MINUTE VIDEO ON SACRED LISTENING -    (note: once on my page, scroll down to see my pinned video)

For individuals - including teenagers, adults and senior adults - I offer Sacred Listening Sessions and Spiritual Direction, which allow opportunity to explore any of the following:

* mild to moderate anxiety and depression

* gifts, strengths and passions

* problems, worries and contradictions

* meaning of night time dreams 

* life purpose

* religious and spiritual questions 

* love, joy and meaning

* "shadowy" thoughts and feelings  

* making peace with life stories and events

For groups, I offer sessions, lectures, workshops and retreats on the following topics:

* dream work

* mindfulness

* sacred listening

* enhancing religious and spiritual life

I offer celebration of life transition ceremonies, such as weddings, memorial services and baby blessings. 

Please click on the tabs on the menu bar for more information, or contact me at 404-543-6165 or In addition to meeting in an office, I am able to travel to homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, etc. I am available remotely via Skype or zoom. 

"Darby is a deeply compassionate listener, whose questions invite meaningful reflection.”  -  Ani V.
"It all was inspirational ... Great introduction to dream work."   - Shirley K.
"All presentations were very well given, especially for my level of dream
work. Activities were easy to understand and learn."  - Bella R.  
"Having someone truly listen to you - in a way that makes you feel seen and understood - is a rare gift. Darby is one of the few people who has offered me that consistently."   - Olivia H. 

Rev. Darby Christopher, MSW

Rev. Darby Christopher, MSW

phone: 404-543-6165


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